What woman doesn't like the perfect tote bag? We offer a variety of styles and colors that can be personalized in many ways. Look over our selection and choose the one that is just right for YOU.



All Natural Canvas Tote 12 oz. with trim and handles in these Colors: Black, Lime, Light Blue, Red, Royal. Size 181/2 "X 131/2" X 51/2". Great for diaper bag or to carry on a trip.  AWEMB Tote 2



Great Combination for College Fans: Tote and a large cosmetic case made of quilted fabric. Colors: Red, Pink, Lime Royal, Orange, Lavender, and Black. Also the small 3 piece makeup set has the Georgia, Tennesse, or Auburn embroidery.



2 Samples of Totes: Both are in black. Please call for other colors that are available. These totes come in a variety of colors and trims. AWEMB Tote 9


This is a great Embroidered Tote Bag it has 4 inserts for your Special photos. The bag is embroidered with flowers and ladybugs.There is a zipper compartment inside and on the outside of the bag.

Item # AWEMB 012



This bag can be used to carry a lap top computer. A special pad that holds the computer is inside the bag. It has 2 side pockets for water bottles. University girls also love this bag to carry books or special items for classes or trips. Colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Lime, and Lavender. AWEMB Tote 3






Straw String Back Pack with 2 pockets on the outside for water bottle or cell phone. Other colors are available. AWEMB Tote 10


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